Cycling in itself has caught on quite a bit globally and is a phenomenon these days especially when the world has to battle a pandemic. People all over the world have been more health conscious than ever with many finding the need to do a form of physical activity. 
The best part about cycling is that people of all ages, shapes and sizes can pick this up pretty easily without much need for training or attending classes. It is liberating and allows one to pretty much travel anywhere the road leads to his/her desires. 
Foldable bicycles have caught on in the past decade rapidly with the rise of urbanisation and the need for last mile commuting. This has caused a wave of sensation globally for foldable bicycles due to their small footprint, relaxed riding position and the vast amount of customisation options available.
We brought in the AVRO Tri-Fold Bicycle with the aim to meet this demand globally with the intention of offering one that truly meets the needs of all our customers.
One winning point of the AVRO Bicycle over the rest of the competition in this class is that it comes equipped with a 9-Speed Groupset over the conventional hub system (2/3/6 Speeds) used by most other rivals. Now why the need for 9-speeds one might wonder especially in such an urban built up environment that this bicycle was designed for? Having 9 gears (11/28 Cassette) will allow you to have a wider spread of gear ratios that is designed to tackle any inclines that you might encounter or even to ride at a much more rapid pace on flat roads should the need arises. Having this 9-speed gearbox will enable the rider to find the correct gear to match the cadence that will enable you to power on ahead longer for greater endurance over a groupset with less gears. 
The next feature that is a highlight is the availability of front and rear Disc Brakes as standard fitment for the AVRO Tri-Fold Bicycle. This is class-leading as all other major rivals are still limited to the traditional Rim Brakes that will not have as effective stopping power in emergency situations. Rim Brakes also will have reduced stopping ability the moment the rider rides in the wet due to the reduced friction levels on the rims and brake pads on the contact points. Having Disc Brakes will provide every rider with the confidence that the bike will stop in all weather conditions assuringly. 
Out on the road the AVRO Tri-fold delivers agility in spades as it navigate all of our urban roads with ease due to its 16" wheelset that provides very immediate response and pick-up with every pedal stroke. The responsive get up and go nature of this bike will mean that every commute is one that's easy and something to look forward to. 
The whole idea of having a foldable bicycle is to get around our urban sprawl and that also means getting into the subway with ease. Tri-fold designed bicycles are not new into the market and this also makes it familiar for all that have ridden one before that folding the AVRO foldie is no exception as well. With the same swift action as major brands, the AVRO foldie can be very portable and fits into all subways around the world or even into your suitcase should one wishes. Here are some photos to illustrate how accessible and easy it is for anyone
Simple, easy and weighing in at only 12.5kg.
So let's see how does the bike look when being brought into the subway. Pictured here is Singapore's subway or more commonly known locally as MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Majority of all foldable bicycles are permitted but they have to be fully folded into its most compact state before the station master even allows you pass the gates for safety purposes. So please take note my fellow commuters. 
Here is the AVRO Foldie after it is folded and keeping well within the guidelines for Singapore's subway system
Here is is down at the platform awaiting the train to arrive
And lastly, a shot of how the bike looks once brought onboard the train
Here is a Video Review by an independent individual on his thoughts on AVRO after spending two weeks with it.
Thank you for reading this far ! The AVRO foldie fits perfectly into your active lifestyle with a truly exciting range of colours, class-leading features, excellent value for money and truly a decent all-rounder. Cheers and till next time!